We could be runaways

‘The race is long but in the end it’s  only with yourself’

It starts with an emotional need, usually by finding something that really sparks my interest in a way nothing else has(a misunderstood pleasure to develop concepts or life stories in my case).
As I sat in Victoria station, London ,waiting for my train to come, worried about my future, the decisions that I made…’Is this the place for me? The people that I love are about 1297 miles away. Are they thinking about me? Do they miss me?’ , I stared at the girl next to me, at her long, silky hair , her comfy clothes, she was carrying 3 heavy luggages.

She saw me staring creepily and then laughing she had called me to sit closer to hear a story that changed my life ever since.
The story was simply about a woman-Rachel , who was tired of carrying all of the luggage that for years had been weighing her down. She has packed in there her dreams, sins ,hopes ,disappointments ,memories, fears ,love stories . She thought it will be a great idea to leave them behind, give them to a stranger or simply leave them in the middle of nowhere and carry on walking. (She never thought she would be a cheater tough).

As the story was being told I couldn’t help myself from thinking about the Droste effect (known as Mise en abyme in art, is the effect of a picture within itself or the way I like to call it ‘a picture inside the same picture’ :)).tinuta-2-1

And that was it…She quit on her emotional and spiritual luggage because she thought that was far too much for her to carry on her own. And now? She doesn’t have a place to go, a dream to follow, an ideal, purpose in life, a wish to fight for. So Rachel starts laughing and says, ‘I’m going to stay right here and make a new life for myself and finish finding who I am…I used to think that the past was the present, that we could never leave it behind. Bullshit. The past is the past. You can dwell on it or you can move forward. smecherie1.jpg

I still don’t know if she was talking about herself or what happened straight after my train arrived. But back then her words seemed so knock the air from my lungs… We all have baggage. It’s how you carry it that matters.
This story inspired me to create this 2 piece suit made out of an extra large Vintage leather jacket.


Follow the Damn train

Hey guys,

This is my first post so I might not be writing this how I’m supposed to  but it might be a change.

But first let me introduce myself. My name is Rafaela Pestritu, I’m from a small town in Romania, I’m studing fashion design and I’ve been waiting for a long time to share and debate with you my concepts, thoughts , ideals . I get inspired by everything that surrounds me, starting with nature, astronomy, to history,politics and human rights.

Now it might be a cliche but I promise you that this is not ‘another fashion blog’ that allows you to be a perfect copy,an ordinary gorgie .I’m talking abot that moment when you look up from your phone because you were searching for online style ispiration ,and then you realise you’ve spent 1 whole day scrolling through different fashion blogs and you still don’t know what to wear friday night. If we cannot find a rational defence for the desire  to have our own attitude and vision, should we therefore dismiss it?


So today I’m taking you on a little blogging tour through the beautiful land of my imagination. The journey is inevitable. Baggage optional.


tinuta-3  This old train station has real value to me since I’m about to leave in London again and I feel like staying 3 more days at least, lol. Although it’s going to be hard for me to leave behind my family,friends and every little insignificant thing that remind me of my country, London is full of inspiration, and I couldn’t  be more excited for what’s ahead of me.




Everyone has an old pair of jeans, I have mine since I was 15 and I was thinking to throw them away but that’s not a solution for a fashionista. Go through your old chlotes or your mom’s closet and start create.

I’m wearing a denim corset(kind of thing) that I’m absolutely obsessed with , which is made out of an old pairs of pants, a white striped shirt, my Mussete black boots and some vintage sunglasses.